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Reiser Relief Inc
Founded by Father Bernard Reiser of Coon Rapids, MN is a non-profit
appostolate with a mission to help the impoverished people of Haiti with a focus 
on children and families - providing clean water, food, housing, and education.

Reiser Relief - a mission to help the impoverished people of Haiti

Reiser Relief - a mission to help the impoverished people of Haiti


Mark Sanislo can be reached at
612.245.0022   763.755.7395
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Fr Bernard Reiser December 2005
Rev. Bernard Reiser founded Reiser Relief Inc to assist the people of Cité Soleil a suburb within Port-au-Prince the capital city of Haiti. It all stared after a 1996 unforgettable trip when Reiser felt a special call and he initiated programs to help the people of the Caribbean country of Haiti. The primary work and ministry of this fund is for the basic human necessities.

In 2005, a plan to provide fresh water to the “poor people of Cité Soleil,” was created. The Knights of Columbus (St. Nicholas Council 12520 in New Market, MN), had a plan and through donations assisted in obtaining a semi-tractor truck and tanker trailer along with two stainless-steel tanks. The delivery of water is trucked to a water storage facility which was created in a previous project.

As of March 2008, the truck has delivered 14,000 gallons of fresh water daily which from local people will bring five-gallon buckets of water to their homes. The water truck operates six days a week reaching many impoverished families each day & “This water touches thousands of lives.”
Reiser Relief - a mission to help the impoverished people of Haiti
Clean water must be purchased in Haiti for the citizens of the slums, who live in shacks and sleep on the ground. This area generally is regarded as one of the nation's poorest, roughest, and most dangerous areas; it is one of the biggest slums in the Northern Hemisphere. There is little police, no sewers, no stores, and little to no electricity, 2008 fund raiser $24,000 to "keep the water flowing"

Other programs in Haiti include the building of a center for abandoned women and mothers who have no place to go and located in the mountains outside Port-au-Prince and houses 30 women at one time. Other fund-raising efforts, have been able to provide support clinics and hospitals in Cité Soleil, as well as build classrooms for schools, a medical and community center and a sanitary block for sewage.

Haiti remains to be the poorest country in the world today, with many people living in extreme poverty. The social & environmental problems are the greatest challenges the people of Haiti are facing today.

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Fresh Water Delivery
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Lespinasse/Donte Haiti

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Titanyen, Haiti

Grace Village
Maranatha House Orphanage
Caring for the Elderly
Feeding Street Children

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